Separatists in Ukraine ordered the representatives of the UN and humanitarian agencies to leave the area of ??Lugansk, BBC reported. Representatives of the world organization should leave today, and those of several NGOs has been given until Saturday.Accommodation

Earlier Lugansk separatists banned the work of ten representatives of humanitarian organizations because of “violations” without giving further explanations.
The only humanitarian organization that is allowed to operate in Luhansk, is the International Red Cross, but mchk reported another incident on Thursday their convoy, which was not allowed in the Donetsk region.
Stephen O’Brien – Director of UN Affairs today allocated – announced the order in a statement. He adds that all UN operations in the Donetsk region have ceased.
O’Brien urged separatists in Lugansk and Donetsk provide “immediate resumption of the activities of the UN and international NGOs.”
Restrictions on humanitarian supplies have already prevented 16,000 tons vital resources but to reach the needy. “Hospitals do operations because no preparations for anesthesia,” says O’Brien. Prosecution to “Doctors without borders”, for example, for illegal storage of psychotropic substances. The organization rejects the allegations.
Irina Gerashchenko representative of the Ukrainian president. Said to “Reuters” that what is happening is a group violation of Minsk agreements and the peace process. According to the 12 points of the deal in February in Minsk parties to the conflict are obliged to ensure safe access and distribution of humanitarian aid “based on international mechanism”.